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Lhoka promotes the development of national handicraft industry

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-01-04

In 2017, the output value of Lhoka City's national handicraft industry reached 108,890,700 yuan, according to the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology (SASAC) of Lhoka City.

In recent years, Lhoka City has taken great pains to promote the rapid and sound development of national handicraft industry. By strengthening the integrated development of cooperative, tourism, and cultural industry, a batch of excellent brands are developed. Through guiding enterprises to integrate with Tibet's long history and culture, the added value of products is enhanced. Cooperatives with good economic returns and strong driving capacity are encouraged to transform into companies. In addition, product display and marketing platforms are set up for companies to improve brand awareness and market share. Technical skill trainings are held to help poverty alleviation.

Up to now, there are 117 national handicraft enterprises (cooperatives) in Lhoka City. Among which, there are 36 enterprises and 81 farmers and herdsmen's professional cooperatives.

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