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Express delivery changes lives and promotes development

By Source:China Tibet Online 2017-11-28

"The tonics you bought have arrived,  I like them, but in future don't waste your money." The old father is talking to his son who sent those goods and lives thousand miles away.

"I've received the present and like it very much." The girl has just received a present from her boyfriend working away from home.

"This is a new product and I didn't expect it to arrive from abroad so quickly." The young man just received his favourite product bought online a week ago.

Nowadays, no matter what it is or how far away, couriers can send the goods at the quickest speed, which indicates the rapid advance in the development of our logistics industry.

Rapid transport, such as aircraft, high-speed railways and highways are found throughout the world, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of logistics. Rapidly developing science and technology had led to human-aided machine work replacing pure manual work, from distribution and transportation of goods.

For this year's Nov. 11 online shopping festival, robots and drones have been introduced, as well as face swiping and other high-tech technology also being used. This not only allows for record numbers of parcels this year, but also displays the cutting-edge technology allowing the world to see the speed of China's express delivery. 

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