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Acquisition project of germplasm resources carried out in Tibet

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-05-19

According to the Tibet Plateau Institute of Biology, to protect biological diversity, the acquisition and preservation project of germplasm resources has been carried out smoothly in Tibet this year.

Several days ago, the insect and plant team has just finished relevant field acquisition work in Nyingchi, Shigatse and Ngari. Next, they will sort out samples and statistics.

There are three reasons to carry out this project. First, this project aims to protect Tibet’s biological diversity. As Tibet is one of the 25 global hotspots for biodiversity, it is very important to protect Tibet’s biological diversity. Second, human is the product of development and evolution of nature. We have the duty to preserve good germplasm resources for our descendants. Third, to response to global climate change, this project tries to prevent species becoming extinct under special habitat.

The main content of this project is to collect biological germplasm resources in Tibet and its adjacent areas. This year, it plans to collect more than 2000 kinds of creatures and 20000 copies of germplasm resources.

In 2016, Tibet Germplasm Resources Bank was established. This year, it starts pilot run. At present, the biggest problem is that the bank is not equipped with related technical personnel and training. To solve this problem, Tibet will cooperate with  Southwest China Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Kunming, reserving technical personnel through advanced study and training.

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