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Number of academic experience inheritors in Tibetan medicine reaches 72

By Megan Source:China Tibet News 2017-04-13

On April 10, 2017, a total of 20 tranditional Tibetan medicine practitioners were issued the certificates for finishing apprenticeship, becoming the fifth batch of national academic experience inheritors in tranditional Chinese medicine. So far, the number of academic experience inheritors in Tibetan medicine has reached 72.

In 1990, Ministry of Health as well as State Administration of Tranditional Chinese Medicine co-launched the project of academic experience inheritance in tranditional Chinese medicine. In Tibet, the inheritors need three years to learn from an old Tibetan medicine expert so as to understand and grasp the academic idea and clinic technology of the tranditional Tibetan medicine.

In recent years, China has been continously increasing the input in the cultivation of tranditional Tibetan medicine talents. A total of RMB 130 million yuan is invested so as to implement a batch of major projects including basic level speciallized subjucts, basic level famous eldly expert inheritance studio as well as basic level tranditional Tibetan medicine key members training etc.

With a history of over 3,800 years, Tibetan medicine is jointly named as one of the world's four tranditional medicines with tranditional Chinese medicine, ancient India medicine as well as ancient Arabic medicine. At present, a total of 15 tranditional Tibetan medicine therapies as well as skills have been listed in the state-level non-material cultural heritages.

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