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Shigatse supports development of rural tourism

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-06-29

In recent years, relying on rich tourism resources, Shigatse City has been vigorously supporting the development of rural tourism and encouraging local farmers and herdsmen to take part in the development of tourism industry. Surplus labors are fully taken use of and the incomes of the masses are increased. So far, there are 88 farmers and herdsmen's family inns in Shigatse and 49,000 people are engaged in tourism industry.

The tourism resource survey has been carried out for 324 poor villages in Shigatse. Relevant information on tourism potential, market, talent and so on are investigated. According to the distribution and market situation of rural tourism resources, a large number of rural tourism routes are formed.

Next, Shigatse will support the construction of a batch of entrepreneurial bases for rural tourism, encourage college graduates to return to their hometowns and start businesses, and give full play to the demonstration effect of model villages, leading households, and outstanding people. All kinds of training institutions are supported to provide skills trainings on catering, hotels and scenic spots, so as to cultivate a number of excellent service personnel, meet the needs of tourists for sightseeing, vacation, leisure and experience, and transform tourism resources into economic benefits.

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