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12th Paeonia Lutea Tibetan Medicine Cultural Tourism Festival kicked off

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-06-05

On May 28, themed on "Tibetan Medicine Cradle · Magic Mainling ", the 12th Paeonia Lutea Tibetan Medicine Cultural Tourism Festival was kicked off in Mainling County.

At the opening ceremony, splendid song and dance performances showed the unique charm of local folk culture. In addition, during the festival, tourists can watch the whistling archery game, taste fine food, enjoy wild paeonia lutea, and experience Tibetan medicine culture. Besides, painting and calligraphy exhibition, environmental protection activities, and traditional Guozhuang dance will also be held.

Due to special growing condition and the destruction of human activity, now the distribution range of paeonia lutea is shrinking and only a few thousand plants survive in the wild. Therefore, it is listed in the China Species Red List.

To protect paeonia lutea, specialized institution and experts are invited by Mainling County to carry out field study and put forward practical suggestions.

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