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Lhoka’s tourism industry develops well

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-04-08

In 2017, Lhoka City received 3.48 million tourists from home and abroad, a year on year increase of 25%. Among which, there were 3.45 million domestic tourists and 30000 inbound tourists, increasing 24.4% and 2 times respectively. The total tourism revenue was 1.42 billion yuan, a year on year increase of 19%.

This year, Lhoka City will further improve the quality and efficiency of tourism industry, and complete the tourism planning for the whole region. In addition, the 5A-class scenic spot creation work of Samye Monastery and the 4A-class scenic spot creation work of Legbo Valley will be solidly carried out. "Toilet revolution" of tourism industry will be actively promoted. Besides, auxiliary project of Tubo historical and cultural scenic spot as well as the Zhari Yumai circular tour project will be launched. The tourism scenery belt of Yarlung Zangbo River is expected to be completed and put into use within this year.

This year, Lhoka City strives to receive 4.1 million tourists and 1.68 billion yuan of tourism revenue.

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