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Rural tourism leads Chamdo City to get rid of poverty

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-05-22

Taking advantage of rich tourism resources, Chamdo City establishes a batch of characteristic  traveling villages and towns. By creating a series of tourism products with various forms and distinctive features, Chamdo City promotes the poverty alleviation work in an orderly manner.

Outing occupies an important position in Chamdo City's tourism industry and it is more and more favored by tourists. Therefore, Chamdo City organizes the masses to take part in the operation of "salie" (Tibetan pronunciation, similar to outing) camp construction. At present, with an investment of over 28 million yuan, some "salie" camps have been completed and put into operation, and the economic benefits are becoming more and more prominent.

At the same time, Chamdo City also organizes the masses to take part in project construction. Poor people are arranged to participate in the operation and management of observation decks along national highways. Through providing tourism services, they can get employed and increase incomes. With a special tourism fund of 2.48 million yuan, the evaluation work of star Tibetan hotels are carried out this year. In addition, farmers and herdsmen who live along national highways and scenic spots are encouraged to operate family inns. All the above measures aim to lead the local people to get rid of poverty and get rich.

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