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Tibet to build 5 star-rated hotels this year

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-05-08

According to the Lhasa Tourism Development Committee, this year, tourism sector of Lhasa City will strive to build 5 star-rated hotels. At present, there are 141 star-rated hotels in Lhasa.

The fast development of Tibet's tourism industry also drives the development of Lhasa's hotel industry. In recent years, two and three star-rated hotels and family inns are mostly favored by tourists. As for independent travelers, they prefer to stay in family inns and economic business hotels. At present, relevant supporting facilities are not perfect in some hotels, which will affect tourists' living experience. To solve this problem, Lhasa City will create more hotel brands so as to improve tourists' traveling experience and promote the development of tourism industry.

In the future, star-rated hotels will be no longer confined to catering and accommodation. Relevant departments will encourage conditional hotels to try to provide diversified and high-qualified services.

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