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Namtso Lake is fully thawed

By Zhi Xinghua Source:Chinatibetnews.com 2018-05-22

Namtso  Lake has been fully thawed recently and bar-headed geese black-necked cranes can be seen on the lake surface.

Namtso  Lake begins to frozen gradually every year from October or November and its lake ice will reach the thickest in the next February. Then it will be gradually thawed when April comes.

Apart from temperature, wind is also a key factor that affects the thawing and freezing of Namtso  Lake. In the process of freezing, wind weather can restrain the freezing, while it can stimulate the thawing.

In the past 10 years, the surface of Namtso Lake has increased 50 square kilometers and the expansion speed is speeded up than ever before.

With an altitude of 4722 meters, Namtso  Lake is world’s highest salt water lake. It is one of the sacred lakes of Tibetan Buddhism. Last year, it received 710000 tourists from home and abroad.

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