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Monasteries in Tibet undergo major restoration works

By Source:China Daily 2016-08-04


On the northern bank of Yarlung Tsangpo River, Samye Monastery has its ultimate position in Tibetan Buddhism. With its 1,300-odd-year history, this monastery in Shannan, which is the south of the Tibet autonomous region, is the earliest Buddhist monastery in Tibet. And what is witnessed here on a morning in late July is probably among the happiest scenes one can ever imagine: About 200 local people of Tibetan ethnic group chant folk songs and dance in unison, and simultaneously ram on floors echoing with rhythms of the melodies. This traditional process is called da a ga, using mixed material of pebbles, a variety of local earth and water to pave floors and roofs of Tibetan architecture. Scrupulous work on one spot lasts for at least 10 days: After ramming is done, people will use elm tree sap to polish the floor and paint rape oil in the final process making the surface smooth and water-proof. The method can be dated back to contemporary of Tang Dynasty (618-907). (Photo/China Daily)

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