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Tibet travel tips

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2016-05-27

As weather warms up, Tibet's tourism has entered the peak season. Compared with China's other provinces, Tibet has lower oxygen availability due to high altitudes. Besides, temperature difference between day and night is noticeable. All these may cause altitude sickness that is also called acute exposure sickness(AMS). Here are some advice from doctors for tourists to Tibet in order to prevent or mitigate the impact of AMS.

1.Before going to Tibet, tourists should exam the cardio-pulmonary function and do some aerobic exercises in order to keep health. Tourists need to bring some medicines which treat cold, headache, flue and resist altitude sickness. In addition, it is better to take both spring clothes and winter clothes because of large temperature difference between day and night.

2.After arriving in Tibet, tourists should not carry heavy things or run and avoid strenuous activities. Besides, to prevent catching cold, tourists should have a good rest and avoid taking showers frequently especially on the first night in Tibet.

3.Tourists should drink enough water or drinks and eat snacks with high caloric content, like chocolate.

4.It quite often happens that people feel headache, dizziness, lack of strength, nausea and other symptoms of altitude sickness. If it is not serious, tourists avoid being too worried.

5.Tourists with a severe cold, a high fever, acute or chronic pulmonary diseases, severe cardiovascular diseases and long pregnant women as well as kids under three years old should avoid traveling to Tibet.

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