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Yumai line listed in national self-driving tourist routes

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-02-05

Recently, the China National Tourism Administration and the Poverty Relief Office of the State Council have jointly issued ten self-driving tourist routes in west of China, such as 318 Sichuan-Tibet line, Qinghai-Tibet line, Yunnan-Tibet line, and the Yumai line in Lhoka City of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Wang Songping, director of the Tibet Tourism Development Committee, introduces that at present, the route planning of Yumai Town has already been basically completed. This spring, Yumai self-driving tour will be organized. As the landscape changes are very obvious at different elevation, tourism resources are very rich in Yumai Town.

Now there are two preliminarily planned routes. The primitive branch line of Yumai ecotourism loop line: Bayi--Zhomda--Dem--Tsari--Yumai--Sanlin--Zetang. The length of the whole line is about 644 kilometers. The Yumai ecotourism loop line: Bayi--Gyemdong--Tsari--Yumai--Sanlin--Luntse--Zetang. The length of the whole line is about 774 kilometers. Around the two lines, tourist facilities including observation decks, environment-friendly toilets, black tents for poverty alleviation, handicraft demonstration centers and so on are under planning.

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