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Scenery of Pangkog Co

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2016-11-30


Photo shows Palgon grassland in Nagqu of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [Photo/Tashi]

Palgon County, located in Nagqu of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is known for Pangkog Co. Pangkog Co lies between Namtso Lake and Serling Tso Lake in the north of Tibet. It is bordered by Nagqu County to the east, Shantsa County to the west, Damshung County of Lhasa and Namling County of Shigatse to the south, and Tsonyi County and Amdo County of Nagqu to the north. With an area of 30,138 square kilometers, Palgon County has a total population of 41,579 in 2014.

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