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Mountaineers of Xiamen University to ascend mountain in Tibet

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-08-09

Nine mountaineers from Xiamen University will ascend the Kalu Peak which is 6674 meters high in Tibet, according to the Sports Bureau ofTibet Autonomous Region.

As a famous university climbing team in China, the Xiamen University mountaineering team has ascended the Chola Mountain, Gela Dandong Peak and other high altitude mountains before. To ensure their safety, 3 experienced coaches are invited from Tibet mountaineering team to go with them, proving technical and safety guidance to them.

Located at the junction of Gyantse County in Shigatse and Nakartse County in Lhoka, the Kalu Peak is addressed as "Goddess of Wisdom" by the local people. In addition, it is surrounded by over 20 peaks above 6000 meters.

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