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Students in Lhasa enjoy colorful learning activities during winter vacation

By Jia Dan, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年02月11日 11:23

The annual winter vacation has come. As for students in Lhasa, what will they do in such a long period? 

The Tibet Library sounds like a nice place. At the start of the winter vacation, some children chose to go to Tibet Library for more reading. In addition, they could share their favorite books with friends.

Learning skills is another interesting choice. Many students tend to learn to play the traditional Tibetan musical instruments during winter vacation, through which they could experience the charm of traditional folk art. Besides, a variety of sports training courses are available in Lhasa for students, among which swimming and taekwondo are especially welcomed.

In recent years, Tibetan calligraphy training course has become popular among parents in Lhasa. It's not just about learning Tibetan language, but also means a lot to children's growth. The number of students learning Tibetan calligraphy grows year by year. Kelsang Tsomo, a student in Tibetan calligraphy class said, " I am interested in learning Tibetan calligraphy because it is meaningful to write our own language in a beautiful way."


Photo shows children studying knowledge of Tibetan opera during winter vacation. [China Tibet News]


Photo shows children learning to play the dulcimer during winter vacation. [China Tibet News]


Photo shows a boy choosing his favorite books in Tibet Library. [China Tibet News]

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