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Tibet makes remarkable results in running schools outside Tibet

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018年12月18日 10:13


Photo shows Tibetan students studying in the Hongguang Middle School of Tianjin. [China Tibet News/Yao Haiquan]

Since the reform and opening up, Tibet has achieved remarkable results in running schools outside Tibet, with the scale continuously expanding and the quality continuously improving. At present, 78 middle schools in 21 provinces and municipalities have organized Tibetan classes (schools) and Tibetan scattered classes, and more than 170 colleges and universities have enrolled Tibetan classes. So far, 110,000 students have been enrolled, and 36,000 people with technical secondary school or above degrees have been trained and sent to Tibet. Running schools outside Tibet has become an important part of the education system in Tibet and an important base for cultivating outstanding talents.

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