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Tibet promotes the development of education

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-01-13

On Jan. 10, at the 5th Session of 10th Tibet Autonomous Region's NPC, Losang Gyaltsen, chairman of the government of TAR, indicated that, in 2016, Tibet newly built, reconstructed, and expanded 458 bilingual kindergartens. Among which, 442 kindergartens were newly built and 234 kindergartens were reconstructed and expanded. 16 counties passed the  assessment of the balanced development of compulsory education.

Official data showed that in 2016, the input of Tibet's education finance  reached 18.5 billion yuan, among which capital construction fund was 2.489 billion yuan. The popularization work of preschool education was carried out. With an investment of 1.09 billion yuan, 458 bilingual kindergartens were newly built, reconstructed and expanded. In addition, Tibet tried to improve basic education conditions for poor schools with weak compulsory education conditions.

In 2016, The pure enrollment rate of three-year preschool education was 66.25. Tibet realized the 15-year free education from preschool to high school. The "321" educational poverty alleviation project was carried out. Preferential policy is implemented for poor students. Enrollment plan for poverty-stricken areas and special enrollment plan for rural areas were carried out. The enrollment rate of college entrance examination of children of farmers and herdsmen reached 75.4%.

In 2017, Tibet will comprehensively promote the healthy and rapid development of education career. The popularization rate of bilingual education of middle and primary schools is expected to reach 100%. The fulfillment rate of primary school mathematics will also be 100%.The teaching plan completion rate of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology courses in middle schools will be 100%.

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