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Inland Tibetan classes cultivate talents for Tibet

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-11-24

According to the Education Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, inland Tibetan classes have been held for 31 years and the total enrollment is over 110000. More than 36000 graduates above technical secondary school degree have been cultivated for Tibet. Now inland Tibetan classes are an important supplemental form for Tibet's education career and a key base for talent cultivating.

In the '80s, based on the actual situations of badly-needed talents and relatively weak education foundation in Tibet, the nation decided to open inland Tibetan classes (schools). In September 1985, the first batch of Tibetan primary school graduates went to study in inland cities, ushering in a new mode of Tibetan education. At present, 18 junior high schools and 14 senior high schools in 20 provinces and cities open Tibetan classes. 55 demonstrative senior high schools recruit transferred Tibetan students.

Xu Liying, a scholar of Central University for Nationalities who is specializing in the education model of inland Tibetan classes, says that as a special national education policy, inland Tibetan classes play an important role in cultivating talents for Tibet, promoting intercourse between ethnic groups, and promoting economic and social development in Tibet.

Now, among 3.1 million Tibetan populations, graduates of inland Tibetan classes only accounts for 1%, while most of them are business elites.

The admission rate of inland Tibetan classes is only 10%. To guarantee that children of farmers and herdsmen all have the chance to study in inland cities, preferential policy is supported for agricultural and pastoral areas, border counties, high-cold and high-altitude areas and ethnic groups with small populations. 70% of the enrollment plan is for children of farmers and herdsmen.

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