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 Professional skills competition held in Lhasa

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-10-11

On the morning of October 8, the “2016 Lhasa Professional Skills Competition” kicked off and 199 participators competed for 6 events in two days. This competition is hosted by the Lhasa Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

Droma is from Maizhokunggar County and she has worked as a room attendant for a hotel for 6 years. She wants to show her skills that she has learned from work to the masses. “More and more people are traveling to Tibet. I hope to provide better services to them,” says Droma.

Peng Lihua, party secretary of Lhasa Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, indicates that with the rapid economic and social development, there are large gaps between skill talents and the requirements of economic and social transformation and upgrading. “The purpose of holding this competition is to carry forward craftsmanship, find and gather talents, create the atmosphere of respecting labor, creation and skill,” says Peng Lihua.

As for participators who can highlight the feature and style of Tibetan dishes, be identified by this field, and conform to relevant evaluation criteria, they will be named as “cooking master of Tibetan dishes” and can apply for the professional qualification appraisal at the higher level by making an exception.

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