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Skill training held in Ngari to promote employment

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-07-06

According to the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Ngari Prefeture, the skill training on excavator operating for local farmers and herdsmen has been smoothly carried out. Among 56 trainees, 52 people have successfully passed the primary professional qualification examination.

This training lasts for 40 days. According to related requirements of primary training on excavator operating, all trainees are familiar with excavator's simple and daily maintenance. This provides skill guarantees for them to get employed. What's more, after the training, some trainees have gotten new jobs and increased incomes.

Then the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Ngari Prefeture will collect position information and offer following services to unqualified trainees. By timely grasping employment situations, the training work can achieve tangible results.

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