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Tibet: promoting integrated teaching system on college tourism education

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2016-03-31

At present, tourism management teaching still follows the old practical principles, which focuses on theory. The teaching skills in tourism management are always simplified and lacking in research, design and practical training. Therefore, promoting an integrated teaching system on education of tourism major is of great importance and necessity.

Firstly, a team of teachers that has an extensive theoretical and practical expertise and wide experience in tourism teaching is important. For those tourism schools, the enough professional teaching staff is vital for improving the teaching quality and will promote the development of tourism industry. Besides, building a team of teachers in integrated teaching will also improve students’ practical ability.

Secondly, the construction of practice bases in and outside schools should be strengthened. Schools can cooperate with travel companies and provide students with internships, which is a good opportunity for students to put what they learn into the practice.

Thirdly, tourism schools should hold various kinds of practical activities. Practical activities after school are the extension and supplement of knowledge learned in class. The integrated practical teaching includes excellent tour guide competition, debate competition and others. Moreover, attending those activities can improve sense of competition. Students will actively enhance their skills in tourism.

With the rapid development of tourism industry, the demand for talents knowing tourism knowledge is increasing. Students should have strong practical skills in tourism management and integrate what they learn in class with practice.

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