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Shannan Library to open next month

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2016-03-31

It is reported from Culture Bureau of Shannan that Shannan Library begins trail operation on April. Currently, the library has been in the process of fire-protection acceptance.

Shannan Library, across the Shannan Science and Technology Bureau, occupies an area of over 4,700 square meters. In this library, there are digital reading area, children’ s reading room, playground, reading room for visually impaired people, periodical room, image self-help reading room, public digital reading room, Tibetan (Chinese) reading room and the rare book collection room.

Shannan Library uses the reading system that combines both digital reading and traditional reading. At present, the library owns 170,000 paper books that can be divided into 52,951 categories among which there are 110 kinds of newspaper and 372 kinds of magazines. Besides, Shannan Library is equipped with 50 computers, two digital newspaper and magazine reading devices and three researching computers, which all are free to readers.

50 computers in public digital reading room are linked to digital resource sharing center of national digital culture website in Beijing. Digital newspaper and magazine reading devices offer readers on-line reading and free researching among 2,000 kinds of digital newspapers. Readers can know about information of books and library collections by using researching computers.

Residants can apply for reading cards with their ID cards. After that, they can borrow books from library for free. Moreover, Wi-Fi coverage has also been completed in library.

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