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Lhasa: 30 mln yuan for teaching quality award every year

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2015-12-15

It is reported from Lhasa’s Education and Sports Bureau that all schools in counties (districts) have access to the Internet, realizing the goal of communicating with one another over the Internet among schools and classes, which improves teaching environment.

Since 2012, Lhasa has removed and merged 59 learning center. 15 primary schools has been merged. With an investment of 1.92 billion yuan, 6 schools and 116 kindergartens were established. Besides, there are more than 70 schools which are expanded. Lhasa, the capital of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, has formed a layout of schools that universities, vocational schools, special education schools are concentrated in the city, each county has one middle school, each town has one primary school, and each village has one kindergarten. With the acceleration of telecommunication on Lhasa’s education, over 100 telecommunication projects are invested 140 million yuan. At present, There are 139 classroom equipped with computers, 6,889 computers. Classes in 52 schools are able to communicate with one another over the Internet.

With an investment of 30 million yuan, Chengguan District in Lhasa sets up the teaching quality award. Tohlung Dechen County makes the implementation plan for improving teaching quality, investing 2.7 million yuan every year on improvement of teaching quality award, excellent teaching award and special fund for teaching assessment and teachers’ training. Its teaching quality improves steadily.

According to Lhasa’s Education and Sports Bureau, Medrogungkar County invests more than 2 million yuan every year on the award of improving teaching quality. Taktse County creates teaching management and assessment model. Damxung County invests 5 million yuan on teaching research, improving educational reform and teaching quality. Lhundrup County establishes the surveillance mechanism on teaching qualit.

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