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Kanam promotes environmental protection

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月08日 09:44


Kanam Village, Gu Town of Bomi County, Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, with an average altitude of 2,700 meters, is about 17 km from northwestern Bomi County. It is located next to National Highway 318 and at the mouth of the world's largest peach blossom valley -- Bomi Peach Blossom Valley. Bodoi Zangbo River and Parlung Zangbo River merge at the village and from a national wetland park -- Tibet Kanam National Wetland Park. In October 2010, Kanam was awarded "National Eco-Culture Village" by China Eco-Culture Association (CECA); in March 2013, it was rated as "Region-level Ecological Village" by Department of Environmental Protection of Tibet Autonomous Region. Kanam incorporates environmental protection into the village's regulations; villagers volunteer to be environmental supervisors and protectors to promote local environmental protection work. [Drakpa Wangchen, Han Hailan, Dekyi Drolkar, Dong Xiuli]

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