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1.77 million seedlings planted in Lhasa

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-09-17

Recently, special meeting about environmental protection has been held in Lhasa City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. At the meeting, work process and plan of landscape engineering are discussed.

Forestry and other relevant departments adhering to ecology construction have been constantly increasing efforts to complete various tasks and remarkable results have been achieved. Up to now, the planting area has reached more than 5,000 mu (1 acre=6.0702846 mu). In addition, 19 points have been basically completed, and another 15 points are under construction, with over 1.77 million seedlings planted.

All departments of Lhasa will attach great importance to environmental protection as well as supervision, and adopt various effective measures to ensure that tasks are successfully completed on schedule.

Besides, all relevant departments and accountability units will not only do their best to ensure the afforestationis on a higher level, but also improve the management and maintenance system of greening, further improve the survival rate of seedlings, and ensure that the landscape engineering will play its ecological and social benefits. [Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan]

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