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Linzhou County protects wild animals

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-11-06

Wild animals are friends of human beings and important part of nature. They play an important role in maintaining ecological balance. The Black-necked Crane Nature Reserve of Linzhou County, Lhasa City was founded in 1993 and it became the national level natural reserve in 2003. Apart from black-necked cranes, there are also bar-headed geese, tadorna ferruginea, white-lipped deer and other wild animal resources.

Linzhou County continuously enforces ecological environment protection. A series of activities such as ecological propaganda, patrol and supervision, wildlife rescue and so on are carried out. Wildlife habitats are effectively protected.

Every year from mid-October to early November, wild animals including black-necked cranes will gradually migrated to Linzhou County to live through the winter. To meet the food demand, Linzhou County will store abundant highland barley and wheat, and organize the masses to sprinkle food at designated places on a regular basis so as to ensure the steady growth and healthy development of black-necked cranes. At present, there are over 2000 black-necked cranes in Linzhou County.

To better protect wildlife habitats in the nature reserve, different protective measures are made in accordance with different conditions. At the same time, Linzhou County's 950 forest rangers who are also wildlife patrol mans dutifully protect wild animals in the nature reserve and create a good atmosphere of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

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