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Nyingchi makes achievements in environmental protection

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-08-29


In recent years, Nyingchi City has been vigorously developing ecological agriculture so that ecology can yield greater economic benefits. Photo shows that workers of Nyingchi Yigong Tea Farm are picking tea leaves. [China Tibet News/Mai Zhengwei]

Nyinchi is renowned as "Jiangnan of Tibet" and "Eastern Switzerland". It is also known as "inartificial natural museum" and "natural green gene pool".

Nyingchi City properly handles the relationship between ecological protection and the prosperity of the people. The concept of green development runs through the whole process of economic and social development. Combining practice, a series of  rules and regulations on water pollution control, air pollution prevention, and emergency plan for environmental emergencies are carried out. From 2013 to 2016, 3.155 billion yuan has been invested in ecological environmental protection and the construction of environmental protection infrastructure. At the same time, it widely accepts social supervision so as to timely and effectively deal with telephone complaints about environmental pollution and unexpected environmental pollution accidents.

Now the ecological environmental protection of Nyingchi City has achieved obvious results. The creating work of 6 autonomous region level ecological counties, 39 autonomous region level ecological towns, and 356 autonomous region level ecological villages has been completed. There are 4 green institutions, 7 green schools and 3 green enterprises in the whole city. In recent three years, with a national investment of over 700 million yuan, 32 ecological security barrier projects have been implemented. In addition, the shelter forest construction for Nyingchi downtown, Niyang River basin, Yarlung Zangbo River basin, Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway and Lhasa-Nyingchi High-grade Highway is strengthened. Greening work of urban gardens, greenbelts, and tourist attractions is also intensified. Now the total green ares of Nyingchi City is 5.3185 million square meters and the green coverage rate is 46.25%. Besides, citizens are encouraged to take part in the ecological rehabilitation work. Forest management is strengthened and 195 cases of forestry violations are  investigated and treated.

At present, 5 counties of Nyingchi City are listed as national key ecological function areas, accounting for 86.8% of Nyinchi City's land region area. Now there are 4 natural reserves, 3 national forest parks, 3 national wetland parks, 1 national geological park, and 1 organic tea farm in the whole city. With an investment of 627 million yuan, the human settlement environment construction of 489 administrative villages is finished.

In 2016, the added value of ecological industry of Nyingchi City was 3.22 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.6%. In addition, it received 4.37 million tourists and the tourism revenue reached 3.93 billion yuan, increasing 24.2% and 19.7% respectively. Besides, the poverty alleviation work also made obvious achievements by relying on ecology. With an investment 65.5 million yuan, 21800 ecological employment posts were provided.

All the above ecological achievements owe to voluntary action of people of all ethnic groups.

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