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Newu District to build peach garden

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-09-10

According to the Newu Hemei Rural Folk Culture Tourism Co., Ltd, in 2017, thousands mu (a unit of area) of snow peach base will be built in Dagdong Village, Newu District. In early May, a large peach grove can be seen here. When National Day comes, people can taste genuine Lijiang snow peaches.

With a total investment of 20 million yuan by Newu Management Committee, nearly 6000 snow peach trees will be built on thousands mu of wasteland by Newu Hemei Company. These snow peach trees are introduced from Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Due to high cold tolerance, they are suitable to be planted in Dagdong Village.

As peach blossoms at the end of April. Dagdong Village plans to hold Peach Blossom Festival on May, 1. At the scheduled time, citizens and tourists can go sightseeing.

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