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Clean energy promoete’s Chamdo’s development

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-01-16

In recent years, Chamdo City has been vigorously promoting the transformation and upgrading of power grid in agricultural and pastoral areas, positively expanding the serviceable range of clean energy, and gradually perfecting the energy system.

Xu Jianfeng, PPCC member of Tibet Autonomous Region and director of Chamdo Water Conservancy Bureau, indicates that, with a total inestment of 3.6 billion yuan, 55 power grid construction projects have been arranged in Chamdo City by grid companies of the nation and Tibet Autonmous Region since 2013. With an investment of 6.6 billion yuan, the Sichuan-Tibet power grid has been put into operation. At present, the input power has been added up to 89.15 million kwh, while the output power has been added up to 173.17 million kwh. In terms of solar energy, 43 new energy enterprises have been organized and established, among which 5 enterprises have obtained the indicator of 750 MW PV. 6.7 sets of household photovoltaic system have been accumulatively distributed, solving the emporary electricity problem for areas without electricity, village-level places, schools, temples, railway and highway maintenance squads.

Xu jianfeng says that, the popularization and application of clean energy can improve farmers and herdsmen's residential energy, reduce traditional energy consumption such as fuel wood and cow dung, and protect forest and meadow. As our nation's important ecological security barrier, Tibet will be fully protected.

As for how to further promote clean energy and build ecological plateau, he thinks that main electric network should be extended and local small electric network should be built as complement. In addition, solar energy, wind energy, marsh gas and liquid petroleum can be taken as supplement.

Besides, he hopes that the utilization and promotion of clean energy can be an effective way to build an economic, ecological, new socialist countryside.

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