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Tibet strengthens prevention and supervision of water and soil conservation

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-11-02

This year, the pilot of unmanned plane remote sensing monitoring for water and soil conservation is launched in Tibet, collecting and dealing with original data (including basis images and 3D model) for 11 large and medium size projects' 34 points with 52 flights. In addition, more than ten monitoring indicators of water and soil conservation are also extracted. The prevention and supervision work of water and soil conservation is further strengthened.

The average altitude of Tibet is above 4000 meters and most areas belong to the alpine meadow ecosystem. The soil layer is shallow and corrosion resistance is poor. With the development of economy, the influence of human factors to environment is more and more prominent.

Yi Yunfei, director of Tibet Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, introduce that, in the past, the measurement of water and soil loss is not correct and the number is not clear. In recent years, high-tech technologies including satellite remote sensing, unmanned plane, 3D laser scanner are brought in, helping the prevention and supervision of water and soil conservation.

Tibet is wide in territory and its construction projects are  dispersed in so many spots, too long lines and quitewide areas. Therefore, it is important to improve the efficiency of supervision and

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