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Tibet: ethnic unity flower blooms

By Liu Fang, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月10日 10:38


Photo shows children from different ethnic groups (Uighur L1, Han L2, Yao R2, Tibetan R1) who live in Lhasa of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, playing on the Potala Palace Square. [China Tibet News/ Yao Haiquan]   

56 ethnic groups are closely united. Over the years, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region actively promotes the cause of national unity and progress in education. Various forms of ethnic unity activities have been carried out, such as the exchanges between different ethnic groups being further strengthened, and the atmosphere of ethnic unity growing stronger. All ethnic groups have shown a good situation of solidarity, mutual support and harmony, the flowers of ethnic unity has blossomed in Tibet. 

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