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Tibetan Opera performances to be staged in Lhasa during Shoton Festival

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua, Tenzin Sydron Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月22日 11:16

According to Cultural Department of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, a series of Shoton cultural activities will be held during this year's Shoton Festival, including the 8th Tibetan Opera Performance, Tibetan Opera Singing Performance, and adapted traditional Tibetan Opera "Sukyi Nyima". These performances will be held at Norbulingka, Dzongyab Lukhang Park, Mass Art Centre of TAR, and Tibetan Opera Theater of TAR.


Photo shows that actors are performing Tibetan opera in Norbulingka Park. [Photo/China Tibet News/Tangbin, Tsewang]

During this Shoton Festival, in addition to arranging Tibetan Opera Troupe to give three performances of traditional Tibetan Opera "Sukyi Nyima" at Tibetan Opera Theater of TAR from Aug. 31 to Sep. 2, the Cultural Department will also select some nongovernmental Tibetan Opera groups from Lhasa, Shannan, Xigaze, Ngari and other cities, which have won first & second prizes in previous Tibetan Opera competitions, to participate in the seven-day Tibetan Opera Performance activity of Shoton Festival. Meanwhile, folk Tibetan Opera artists and amateurs will also be invited to attend Tibetan Opera Singing activity that will be held at the evening of Sep. 3, when more than 340 folk artists and 70 professional performers of Tibetan Opera will present the unique charm of Tibetan Opera and the inherited & protected achievements of Tibetan opera to domestic and foreign audiences, thus creating a festive, peaceful and cultural atmosphere for the 70th anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China.

Up to now, Tibet has 8 state-level representative Tibetan opera projects and 12 regional representative projects, 12 national representative inheritors and 11 regional representative inheritors, and over 140 inheriting places of folk Tibetan Opera.

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