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Medog County leads local women to increase income by developing tea industry

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年06月03日 10:06


Photo shows tea farmers of Medog County picking tea leaves. [China Tibet News/Zhang Meng, Wang Shan]

In recent years, Medog County has adjusted measures to local conditions, made full use of forest resources, actively adjusted the industrial structure, and established tea as the leading industry, so as to make tea industry become an important channel for farmers and herdsmen to increase their income and get rich.

During the development of characteristic tea industry, Medog County takes the mode of "company + base + farmers + physical store (online store)",and gives full play to the advantages of women's organizations at all levels through the division of responsibility, so that women can get employed in the tea industry and increase income.

According to incomplete statistics, in April 2019, 2,009 women have been involved in tea picking, with an income of more than 1.03 million yuan RMB.

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