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Tibet: Children celebrate International Children's Day

By Liu Fang Source:China Tibet News 2019年05月31日 17:11

Under the gracious care of the Party and government, recent years, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region greatly optimizes the social environment for children to grow up healthily through constantly improving education, health and medical care, as well as the legal protection of children. 

With the arrival of the International Children's Day, various places and departments in Tibet hold various activities for children as interesting and meaningful festival gifts.



First graders of Lhasa First Primary School put on red scarves in the young pioneers ceremony. [China Tibet News/ Liang Qin]


Kindergarten children celebrate the big day with wonderful shows. [China Tibet News/ Tang Bin  Li Zhou]


Children of military kindergarten participate in a meaningful field training. [China Tibet News/Mao Yating]


Workers of Lhasa Women's Federation participate in an activity of sending warmth to orphans and disabled children in Damxung County. [China Tibet News/ Liu Siyu]


Blind students of Lhasa Special Education School dance at their Children's Day Party. [China Tibet News/ Liu Fang]


Workers of Tibet Daily and Amway donate sportswear and school supplies to 60 students from poor families in Draring Town of Nagchu's Amdo County. [China Tibet News/ Yao Haiquan]

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