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Watching the New Year Gala together

By Diana Source: 2019年02月05日 19:04


The Tibetan New Year Gala broadcasting on the evening of Feb.3, 2019. [China Tibet News/Sun Wenjuan]040502.jpg

All the family members watching the New Year Gala together, Lhasa, capital city of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [China Tibet News/Tsewang]

On the evening of Feb. 3, the 2019 Tibetan New Year Gala was broadcasted on XZTV (Tibet Television) in both Tibetan and Chinese while each version had its own highlight.

After several rounds of selection by experts, 42 programs spotlighting the unique characters of Tibet have been chosen to be on the stage with various art forms, including singing and dancing, acrobatics shows, cross-talk shows and magic shows.

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