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Gongbo' gyamda County develops local economy in green way

By Source:China Tibet News 2019年01月04日 10:18


Photo shows foresters of Gongbo' gyamda County carrying out forest protection work in public welfare forest, Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [China Tibet News/Mai Zhengwei, Pan Lu]

Forty years ago, relying on abundant forest resources, Gongbo' gyamda County of Nyingchi City developed its economy through forestry industry in primitive producing way. In 1996, Gongbo' gyamda became the first county got rid of poverty by selling wood raw material in Tibet.

Since 2000, as an important part of the ecological security barrier and the ecological civilization scenery line in southeast Tibet, Gongbo' gyamda has deeply realized the importance of eco-protection, then shifted its path of development into a green one, featuring prevent existing wildlife resources and boost economic development through eco-tourism. As the commercial deforestation has been completely stopped, the pace in the adjustment of forestry industrial structure has been accelerated. [Jia Dan, He Huizhong]

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