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Food for the soul

By Source:Ecns.cn 2016-01-12

Tibetan Breakfast Photo: Courtesy of Tibetan Yogurt

Tibetan Breakfast Photo: Courtesy of Tibetan Yogurt

Since they refuse to use highly industrialized procedures, organic food producers often turn to traditional craftsmanship. This is the case for yak yogurt, a Tibetan specialty that yogurt maker Tibetan Yogurt produces in Beijing.

Apart from using bacteria that confer to their yogurt its characteristic taste, the methods they use include more than just practical skills.

"The Tibetan method includes some religious rituals as well," says Ke Kong, a volunteer with Tibetan Yogurt. "Before we prepare the yogurt, we burn incense and pray to Buddha." She recommends starting the day with a Tibetan breakfast.


Qingke barley bread. Qingke is a special type of barley grown in the Tibet Autonomous Region, and in other Chinese regions with Tibetan culture.

200ml yak yogurt

A handful of banana chips

Dried raisins



When you buy yogurt, the preparations have already been done for you, therefore this recipe is very simple. What is left to do for you: Toast the barley bread. Pour your yogurt into a bowl and add you favorite mix of nuts and dried fruits!

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