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Third Commodity Fair of Sijijixiang Village opened

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018年12月14日 11:21

On the morning of December 8, the five-day village-level fair--the third Commodity Fair of Sijijixiang Village as well as the Zhongzi Cultural and Art Festival were officially opened.

Palbar Sangye is a typical farmer. By virtue of his years of tailoring skills, his products have been recognized by the market. His stall is full of all kinds of Tibetan clothes.

"I live a good life with the craft. Now the government has helped us set up a cooperative, enabling every member have a skill by helping each other. We are looking forward to a well-off life!" Talking about the immediate life, Palbar Sangye said. Now that he is living a good life, his goals are naturally higher.

"I want to design uniforms for schools in the county. My design is not only full of national characteristics, but also more comfortable," Palbar Sangye said. Just last year, he completed the design of Tibetan school uniform customized by a school in Shannan City.

Nyima from Junpa Village of Quxu County is the inheritor of Junpa leather ware making skill which is an intangible cultural heritage at the autonomous region level. It is easy for him to turn traditional skills into economic benefits.

Nyima sells products with preferential wholesale prices. In order to facilitate customers' consumption, it also supports WeChat payment. In a short morning, the turnover reaches nearly 1000 yuan.

Nyima's products come from the handicraft cooperative of Junpa Village. The handmade leather products sold on the spot are exquisite in style and practical. Usually, they are mainly supplied to high-end tourism brands. "Our products are selling well both at home and abroad, and the cooperative has provided employment for 23 local women and people with disabilities. The villagers can make a live on tourism. Our village life is no worse than the city!" Nyima is full of confidence in its products and a better life.

The transaction volume of Tibetan bronze wares made by Palbar who is a villager of Sijijixiang Village reached 50,000 yuan at the last fair.

"In the past, I have also endured hardships. Later, my family moved to Sijijixiang Village. With the support of my superiors and my own efforts, I, a blacksmith, have also ushered in a good day!" Palbar said. His family have been blacksmiths for generations and have been discriminated against in the past. Now he is the inheritor of intangible cultural heritages at the county level.

The bronze wares made by Palbar are mostly exquisite traditional Tibetan vessels with beautiful and practical shapes. They are all necessary articles for Tibetan families. As the Tibetan New Year is approaching, he is full of confidence in the first batch of "dividends" of the "New Year goods market".

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