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Lhasa prepares for Shoton Festival

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-08-28

The 2016 Shoton Festival will be held from September 1 to 7 in Lhasa, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. To present a characteristic, bright, colorful and impressive Shoton Festival, Lhasa City strives to make sure that preparation work is well on track. 

Themed on "beautiful home, happy Lhasa" and with the principle of "safe, concise, standard, for people", this year's Shoton Festival highlights "the mass, culture, propaganda, commerce". Through holding a series of activities such as culture, sports, tourism, trade and so on, it aims to inherit and carry forward Tibetan folk festival culture, show Lhasa's new achievements in economic and social development, demonstrate Lhasa's new atmosphere and new outlook as international cultural and tourism city, further expand foreign influence, and create a good environment for the fast and sustainable development of Lhasa's economy. At the same time, it creates a strong atmosphere for the 3rd China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo.

It is said that the opening ceremony is to be held in the basketball court of Lhasa Mass Culture and Sport Center on the evening of September 1. From September 1 to 7, activities including Buddha exhibition, Tibetan opera, investment promotion, 10th Namtso Hiking Festival, calligraphy andphotographic exhibition and so on will be held.

Apart from traditional programs, newly added programs such as Tibetan chess demonstration match will promote the inheritance and development of Tibetan chess. The "online Shoton" promotion and propaganda activity can further improve this festival's influence and popularity. In addition, real estate and auto sales, and Tibetan clothing fashion show can cultivate consumer market. The "yogurt·food·music" week integrates music and food factors with traditional custom, enriching Shoton Festival's cultural connotation and people's festival life.

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